Stanley Tool Dating

TmA.1 c.1872-1874, TmA.4 c.1879-1885, TmA.5 c.1886-1890, Tm113plane c.1876. TmJ.jpg (9315 bytes). TMjB.jpg (19425 bytes). TmP.jpg.

Stanley Trademark Stamps Used on Bench and Block Planes.. There were often variations used on block planes and other tools. Some of the photos are pretty. Pingback Dating Hand Planes Start Page TimeTestedTools. Fully operational tool with minimal rust. This tool was owned by a local craftsman and I know its history dating back to the World War II era. eBay! Stanley Tools The Joy of Accomplishment. Not exactly a tool catalog, this 8-page 1947 pamphlet reflects the post-WW II euphoria, of being free of the constraints of. Rose Antique Tools tons of information on tools and old hardware companies like Stanley, Belknap and other. tools for sale. Stanley no. 1 plane days ago. Please Note That This Is A V-Logo, Dating It To The. VS4860. Nice Vintage Stanley 78 Rabbet Wood Plane Woodworking Tool With Guides. Dubai dating ideas. VintageAntique Stanley Tools Catalogues - PDFs and JPGs.. Dating Stanley tools Stanley Bailey Type Study Patricks Blood Gore Revised. Stanley Products are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship or materials. Manufacture Date WhenWhere your product was purchased Description of. Planes were improved in the mid-1800s when Leonard Bailey of the Stanley Rule. in tool collecting, and antique specimens have been found dating. Mention router and I automatically think of a Stanley 71 or Record 071. This plane type has been very much a part of my working tool arsenal for decades, and.

Stanley tools can almost be collected by the model number. Once you know the. the most reliable information comes from dating these marks. Research has. The logo on the cutter has line 1) STANLEY RULE (upwards arch) line 2) (in the center). httpwww.antique-used-tools.comstantms.htm If you have a Stanley bench plane and you want to know roughly when it was made,. Start by reading Patrick Leachs comments on Stanley plane dating. Stanley Bailey Transitional Jack plane, 1869 to1942, asking 60. 24.) 27 Stanley. Antique vintage tools used to build log houses timber framing buildings. 1) 28 St.. 15, 1910 patent date, in mint condition, (Sold). 101 Barthel. Heres a beauty! OLD TOOLS STANLEY BULL NOSE BLOCK PLANE RARE EXC. Instead mine has a date. I think it says. This is (Im told) a. httpwww.hyperkitten.comtoolsstanleybenchplanedatingmain.html. Sweetheart vintage (20s and 30s) is easy to ID as teh heart with the SW in side is easy to see. STANLEY in orange, and rarely, red background Stanley in plain background with lanishing (machine sanding) marks on lever caps surface - done for a.

OldTools Archive Buys sells patented antique planes tools, Stanley Dado Planes, patent models, salesman samples, antiques Dating Woden Planes. are user replaceable and could distort the dating process if not original to the tool.. but Record used historic Stanley and BSW threads.