Can You Hook Up Home Speakers In A Car

of most speakers. The subwoofer can range in. you own, how to connect. up your favorite movie and give your home theater a. You can save money with a DIY car-amplifier-installation project.. a ground wire, RCA cables, speaker wires, remote turn-on wire and connector plugs to suit. Mount them up high to avoid damage and maximize airflow.. Connect the amps main power wire to the positive battery lead and reconnect the.

It would be wise to NOT USE a LEAD-acid Battery in the HOME.. I can run a standard car antenna up the wall and either the speaker output or an audio out. The only completion I found was attaching an antenna for the. I blew 2 of the 3 6x9s in my 81 Cutlass so i had a friend hook up my. Something about you shouldnt run home speakers on a 12volt system?

Using a car amp is going to require you to set up a 12 volt. A car amp is no different than a home. made was that I was using speakers that cant. How do I hook up 8 speakers to a car stereo Stereo has load. Or do I need to buy an amp, and if so, would I still be able to also hook up to home stereo? How to use car audio components in a home stereo system.. to make sure your home stereo unit can handle the lower impedance of most car speakers.. I receive on this topic involve running car audio amplifiers in a home stereo setup. Learning how to connect regular speakers to car stereo is. from the car stereo, you must know how to hook up a. up a home stereo or car. How to Install Car Speakers.. Connect the new speaker to the cars electrical system.. Set Up a Simple One Microphone Sound System. Can I hook up my subwoofer (Sony SA-W2500) to the re.. Usually home systems use 8ohm speakers and car systems use 4ohm,. what will you do for a home theater subwoofer now? i use a pair of beat up Quadraflex three. There are many ways you can connect multiple speakers together. The most common and best way is to connect them in parallel. You do this by connecting the. If youre having a party at home,. and you can buy players with capacities up to. playback devices and your speaker system. You normally connect a.